Jon J. Cardwell: Who Is He & What’s He All About Anyway?

Jon J. Cardwell & His Wife, Melissa

Jon J. Cardwell and his wife, Melissa.

Jon J. Cardwell is a business leader, experienced copywriter and bestselling author. He is active as a life coach, business consultant and publishing authority. Jon helps others achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams. He has narrowed his focus in business to create one company from several, Spec Ops Marketing.

Jon J. Cardwell, A Military Vet and Missionary

A former Navy deep sea diver and Christian missionary to remote locales, his globetrotting and diversified background have been useful for helping others since he recognizes there are a multitude of perspectives all around the world.

He has eaten raw snake in Subic Bay and raw seal in Scammon Bay. Jon’s also eaten monkey in Asia and moose in Alaska. Moreover, he loves balut in Luzon and bison in Lincoln.

Between the military and ministry, Jon has led an adventurous life. He has survived floods, blizzards, super typhoons, a major volcanic eruption, swimming with sharks, and a life-threatening disease. Jon has met with everyone from royalty to rabble.

Jon J. Cardwell, Your Motivational Speaker

As one of the top motivational speakers in his areas of expertise, Jon has hung his shingle on the Internet, so to speak. Because of this, he’s made himself available as a guest lecturer, event speaker, conference speaker, Christian speaker, and motivational keynote speaker.

Jon has a huge list of topics he can speak on at a moment’s notice. This has made him a reliable source for event planners and conference organizers. If one is in need of a last-minute change in their line-up of speakers, he is literally Jonny on the spot. He blushes when he confesses his hope of becoming one a great public speaker in the USA.

Comically entertaining, Jon is full of anecdotes containing dazzling feats of daring do. Because of his affable and informative style, he keeps his audiences engaged. When sharing his expertise and perspectives, he transports his listeners to the very event.

Jon is The Concierge of Biblical Christianity. He is also know as  the Spirited Speaker with Compelling Insights.  He is sought for speaking engagements in ministry, military, marketing and mogo-on-the-g’go-go.

A Dog Named Dog

He has four children, two grandchildren and currently lives in Anniston, Alabama with his wife, Melissa, his mother-in-law, Virginia, and his dog,  כלב  (pronounced kha-lev’, which is Hebrew for dog).

If you need more info, grab Jon’s Media Kit by clicking HERE.

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