The Continuing Saga and Delicious Misadventures of Wilmer P. Cohen,
Pilgrim, Patriot, Just Plain Joe

There were once three deep sea divers: chief petty officer, a seaman, and a young ensign. They were fishing just off shore in a small boat. The weather got a little colder so the chief said that it would be a good idea to have some hot coffee, but looking around the boat, they realized they forgot the thermos in their van back on the beach. “I'll get it,” said the seaman. He put one leg over the side of the boat and walked on top of the water. He returned shortly after getting the thermos.

The young ensign was wide-eyed as the seaman got into the boat. As the chief took the thermos from the seaman, he asked, “There's three of us. Did you remember the cups?”

He didn't bring any extra cups and the chief said, “Hey, that's okay, I'll get 'em.” Grabbing the seaman's arm for balance, the chief said, “I haven't done this for a while; help me out, will ya?” The seaman helped to steady him and the chief got out of the boat and walked on top of the water toward shore.

The young ensign couldn't speak in amazement. He watched the chief walk all the way out and walk all the way back very gingerly on top of the water. As the chief handed the cups to the seaman and got into the boat, the ensign finally spoke: “How'd you two do that?” he asked.

The chief and seaman smiled and said in unison, “Hooyah, deep sea!”

The chief poured the coffee but the ensign said, “You know, I really like my coffee with cream and sugar, but I realize we don't have any. I'll go back to the van and get some.”

“Are you sure you want to do that, sir?” the chief cautioned.

“Look, chief, anything an enlisted man can do, so can an officer, and then some.” The ensign got one leg over the boat gunwhale and as the other came over...


The ensign fell in the water. The other two helped the ensign back into the boat and gave him some towels to dry off. Shivering from the cold he asked, “What happened? Why couldn't I do it?”

“Well, sir,” replied the chief, “you've got to know where the rocks are.”

What If There Were More to Navy Diving Than We've Been Told?

THE BOOK: James Albright has been called in to interview a very aged, Wilmer P. Cohen, who leads a very quiet and lonely life in Moreno Valley, California. What young Mr. Albright will find out, however, is that there's much more to Wilmer P. Cohen than meets the eye... and what he will find out will change his life forever.

What If the Government Has Not Told Us the Whole Story?

THE AUTHOR: Jon J. Cardwell, pastor, publisher and former US Navy deep sea diver, has created a suspense-drama/adventure series especially for a young adult audience. Don't fail to miss the continuing saga and delicious misadventures of Wilmer P. “Quinn” Cohen as he retells and relives his deep sea diving deeds of daring do.

What If We Haven't Been Told Where the Rocks Are?

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