Motivationally Speaking… Again

Top Motivational Speakers

Motivational Speakers Inspiring Beyond the Event or Conference How do you keep your group motivated? Is a motivational speaker what you’re looking for? Are you getting your employees ready for a new product launch? Are you rallying volunteers in your organization’s latest campaign? Whatever event, function or business you may…

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Motivationally Speaking

Expert Definition

Motivational Speaker for Your Event In the last several years, motivational speakers have been on the rise. Television appearances and magazine spreads are common for the more visible or well known of the lot. Sold out seminars are common for a good motivational speaker these days And why not?  There…

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Who is Your Target Audience?

Mount Pinatubo

Target Audience: Know Your Prospective Client, Even During a Volcanic Eruption Are you in business? Who’s Your Target Audience? How well do you know who it is you are intending to reach? Have you really considered who your target audience is? Perhaps this little story about the Philippine volcano, Mount…

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