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How do you keep your group motivated? Is a motivational speaker what you’re looking for? Are you getting your employees ready for a new product launch? Are you rallying volunteers in your organization’s latest campaign? Whatever event, function or business you may have, sometimes it seems a little hard to stay motivated, doesn’t it?

It happens. We’re not superhuman. All of us, even the best of us, get tired. Yet, sometimes, even if we get our daily nutrition and plenty of rest, we lose our steam when it comes to staying motivated for a project or campaign. Some folks become emotionally drained and mentally fatigued along the way.

When it comes to motivational speaking and motivational speakers, this is often the dilemma we need to be overcome.

Motivational Speakers: More Than Emotions

Have you ever brought in a motivational speaker who was AWESOME, in bold, neon, glowing, uppercase letters! He or she could make the entire audience nearly sing in one accord as a heavenly choir one moment, and in the very next, make the unseen angels weep with anecdotes which plucked harmonious heart-strings. Yet, only a day or two afterward, your event turned out to be nothing more than a glorified pep rally where the only memorable moment left was the sore spot on your backside from sitting on the cold bleachers far too long.

Feelings are fickle things.

Emotions truly are elusive.

And more often than not, the stirring of emotions and the flirting of feelings are how we may tend to see motivational speaking…

…however, it is not.

A Powerful Motivational Speaker

Effective motivational speaking provides substance and is sustainable.  A true motivator not only helps an audience identify individual or corporate dreams; he or she also aids the hearer in understanding how to achieve those dreams.

Now some, who are familiar with public speakers, may be thinking I’m talking about takeaways, the valuable information the hearer is going to ingest and integrate into their lives once they head out the door. Yes, I’m talking about takeaways, yet, I’m also talking about more than mere actionable bullet points… which I’ll explain more about in just a moment.

First, we need to take a look at delivery of the motivational message, which I’ve categorized for myself in two forms: (1) by metaphoric illustration; and (2) by identified illustration.

I use both for my audiences, and sometimes even combine them, depending upon the audience, the situation and the topic at hand.


When using metaphors, I’ll relate interesting tales and stories of events, incidents or adventures which have lessons with which the audience can relate in order to overcome obstacles, adversities or other challenges to effectively reach their goals and fulfill their dreams.

By challenging the audience with a different perspective, using a illustrations the hearer may not have thought of before, it may challenge their views in defined success and find solutions for those issues hindering their goals and dreams.

With metaphors, I draw from many of my experiences as a Navy diver, world traveler, missionary to southeast Asia and remote bush Alaska, etc., to convey principles and perspectives to excite, encourage and engage an audience.


Using this method of motivational speaking, I will tailor my talk to identify with the unique and specific needs of your business, group, or organization. With my extremely diversified background acquired in the last half-century on the planet, I’ve been engaged with and had experience in a large number of fields of expertise from the military to ministry to munitions to medicine to marketing to mogo-on-the-g’go-go to every M&M in between… and have dealt with just about every Tom, Dick and Mortimer imaginable.

It also means I may research your particular problem areas or the specific aspects of your business or project you would like to especially focus upon. In this way, we can ensure every tool and resource necessary to achieve your goals are available to the hearer to carry out the appropriate actions.


There’s a term I’ve heard among motivational speakers, and perhaps you’ve heard it to. It’s called sustainability.

When I’ve asked about it, some seasoned motivational speakers have told me it has to do with oratory communication skills. Basically, it’s the speaking chops developed to keep an audience motivated throughout the talk. To a few others, it was being able to effectively communicate the takeaways clearly, effectively and memorably so the hearer can take the talk out the door and apply the principles actionably.

With all due respect to these veteran motivational speakers, I personally think it is something more than this, as I mentioned earlier… and this is not to say every motivational speaker believes the former to be the case. There’s probably a lot of public speakers out there like me.

More than structured content and the ability to entertain, more than creating a bond with the audience, connecting to them and them with me, and more than understanding their personal needs and desires in order to address them appropriately and actionably, I feel once I’ve spoken to an audience, I want to continue to connect with them, to keep them going, to help fan the flames of their motivational fire long after they’ve heard my words fall upon their listening ears.

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Going the Extra Mile

For my speaking engagements, I’ve created email lists participants may sign up for. If someone has attended one of my major motivational talks, they can receive weekly encouragements. I also do this for some of my various topical talks. No, these email lists are definitely not for selling stuff.

Although some of my clients do come from these lists, who use my services as a life coach, marketing consultant, or publishing consultant, again, it’s not what these lists are for. Frankly, my list of clientele is small and exclusive because there’s only one of me and I like spending time with my lovely wife and my church family.

My lists are free tools because I really do want to help. My weekly emails encourage those who have heard me speak. I’ve designed them for this very purpose. The emails help to keep them motivated. They help them out of a rut. Whatever the case, the emails help (because it happens). Sometimes the email may suggest a simple task. This helps them to keep the enthusiasm going and the motivational fires burning.

How Your Business Can Benefit

An effective motivational speaker truly comes into his or her own as a keynote speaker at important events. What do you need? Do you need a message delivered? Do you need to announce a new initiative? Are you launching a new sales campaign? A professional public speaker will ensure your business receives the most possible benefit from an event or gathering.

Consider this for a moment— let’s say you’re launching a new sales campaign with 400 sales people in the audience, for example, and featuring a one hour speech. This works out to 400 hours of wages. Yup, 50 business days, or about 8 to 10 weeks!

Make an informed decision when choosing your next motivational speaker. There’s a great deal at stake.

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