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Top Motivational SpeakersIn the last several years, motivational speakers have been on the rise. Television appearances and magazine spreads are common for the more visible or well known of the lot. Sold out seminars are common for a good motivational speaker these days And why not?  There are multitudes clamoring and craving for answers, insights and direction for their lives.

I’ve thrown my hat in the ring, so to speak, as a motivational speaker. As a pastor and preacher, it’s what I do several times a week at Sovereign Grace Baptist Church. We gather as often as we can to encourage one another to stay the course. The congregation needs the encouragement to press toward the high mark of our calling in Christ. We prompt one another to keep our spiritual eyes upon Jesus Christ and the truth of His gospel.

Fulfilling a Need

People need encouragement. A top motivational speaker will provide such encouragement and inspire lives to change for the better.

Quite often, a motivational speaker is seen as an expert of sorts. Yet,  this is not necessarily the case. When I worked in the tech services department of a company, we used to say an expert is “a has-been drip under pressure.” He may be a proficient, or even a professional in one thing or another, however, what is most important is to connect with his or her audience. Thus, the motivational speaker instills in the hearer positive motivation. The speaker provides the audience with helpful insights and perspectives. The motivator will add value to their souls and give them direction for their lives.

A Has-Been Drip Under Pressure

A top motivational speaker is not an over-inflated clanging symbol, spouting stuff and nonsense the hearers’ listening ears want to hear. And certainly, there are shills and charlatans out there who are only looking to make a name for themselves, or make a quick buck, or both. They may be able to get away with it for a little while, however, the truth will out, and most planners, organizers and audiences will eventually see through such shallow chicanery.

Being an Example

As I mentioned earlier, a motivational speaker may not necessarily be an expert in a field, or even in life. The connection the speaker makes with the audience is most important. The audience must be able to easily identify with the speaker.

We are most motivated by ordinary folks. People like you and me who have achieved success in the face of overwhelming odds.  Superstars who have been bred for heroics since childhood are hard to identify with.  We want inspiration to overcome an insurmountable obstacle or just the basic trials which creep into our everyday lives,

As a motivational speaker, I love hearing from an audience, “If Jon can do it, I can too!”

A good motivational speaker should radiate assurance (not arrogance). Why? Because confidence and assuredness are what he or she is attempting to inspire.

Unafraid to Fail

Have you ever been inspired or motivated to fail? …and FAIL BIG? Or at least, to not be afraid of failure. Failures, disappointments and adversities will come. There’s no escape. It does happen and will. It is making it through to the other side, and learning from the experience, which makes us unique, powerful and successful.

As a society, there is such an incredible repugnance toward failure we attempt to shield our children from its pain and its path. This is the acme of  futility, as I said before: there’s no escaping it. When we attempt to avert our children from the pain of failure, we demonstrate to them to be average, or worse, less than average, to avoid risks, to always seek the path of least resistance, to go along with the crowd and to attempt to be just like everyone else.

You know why Hulu, NetFlix and Amazon Video are such big business? They’re making a killing on people all over America. Nay, the world. Why? Because people are afraid to fail. So do they do? They end up living their lives vicariously through some Hollywood movie star who has to pretend to be someone significant in order to convey to us average Joes just what significance is. This is crazy, if not criminal. If this isn’t the acme of irony, I don’t know what is.

Three Open Secrets

If you’re a planner, organizer, company, corporation or organization looking for a motivational speaker, I’ve got three open secrets I incorporate into any one of my talks, seminars or speaking engagements.

Your audiences will emerge from my engaging talks with renewed energy. They will step out with clear purpose to promote their unique individual brands. Empower your audience to strategically position themselves as experts in whatever their field may be. My talk will provide them with rare and exceptional value to harness their untapped potential.

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