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Sell More Kindle Books on AmazonDo you have Kindle books on Do you want to sell more Kindle books? Of course you do. Who doesn’t?

If your Kindle books have dropped in sales at any point, then it’s because of a few reasons:

1. Keyword Ranking

Your books’ keyword rankings have dropped. Most of your customers on Amazon are finding your Kindle books by searching for specific keywords. If your book is selling well and ranked highly for those keywords, and then you suddenly DROP in rankings… then this can put a halt to your sales.

If this occurs, you need to take the necessary actions to further promote your Kindle book and boost its rankings back to the top.

2. Losing Reviews

Your books are losing Amazon reviews. Amazon reviews play a role in your Kindle books ranking and sales.

Every once in awhile, a Kindle book can lose some Amazon reviews, either to the reviews not meeting Amazon’s guidelines or just for whatever reason Amazon does random purges of reviews once in awhile.

Losing reviews is bad, as it can drop your sales and rankings quickly. That’s why it’s always best to get more Amazon reviews for your books than they need. Over-promote your books, if you will!

If you notice a drop in reviews, then you need to get some more and replace them QUICKLY before it’s too late.

3. Negative Reviews

Your books received negative Amazon reviews. Every Kindle book published will result in some negative reviews from time to time.

I’m not trying to be Debbie Downer here. It’s just the reality of it.

Every bestselling book has negative reviews. It happens, however. This includes Harry Potter, Twilight, The 4 Hour Work Week, and others. Even the Bible has received bad reviews on Amazon!

When a Kindle book gets negative reviews, it can bring your overall review average down and lead to a loss in sales and rankings.

You need to be quick to respond to negative reviews so it doesn’t get out of control, and take the necessary actions to improve your Kindle books by using it as feedback.

4. Bestseller Ranking

Your books’ Amazon Bestseller Ranking (BSR) dropped. Your Amazon bestseller ranking is a critical indicator of how well your Kindle book is selling over a period of time.

A Kindle book with a BSR better than 100,000 is selling moderately, but obviously you want your book rank better than 50,000 in order to make some serious cash.

Amazon rewards books which are selling and have a good Amazon BSR. In many ways they will take over the promotion and marketing for you.

Let’s be real: Amazon wants to make money. Why would they rank and feature a Kindle book highly on their website if their readers don’t want it and it doesn’t sell?

Amazon even factors in the amount of visitors your Kindle book page gets, as well as conversion rate. This is why taking action to promote your own book is important.

So keep your Amazon BSR high at all times and Amazon will be your best friend.

The Competition

Your competitors are beating you. Sometimes you’re doing everything right… and well, yet your Kindle books STILL drop in sales.

Well, although you’re doing everything good, the competition may be doing everything BETTER.

In every niche or market on Amazon, there is competition. There are other people publishing Kindle books in your market, trying to get a cut of the money you’re making. Don’t be discouraged— this is the reality of EVERY business on this planet.

If the competition comes along and publishes a better book than you, creates a better title and cover, gets more Amazon reviews, or out-ranks you… then you’re going to feel it. This will often result in a drop of sales.

It’s why if you’re ON TOP and SELLING, you need to STAY THAT WAY!

Your Assets

You can’t neglect your Kindle books or your business. I know you realize this.

Each Kindle book you publish is a money producing asset which you need to protect, especially if it’s making you money.

I’ve often seen publishers just letting things go or they’re just oblivious of this happening to them.

They just blindly go and publish more and more books, without paying attention to their EXISTING books! If this is you— be careful! Remember: slow and steady wins the race.

The Trap

Now… I will say this, however:


Well, at least not 100% of it is.

You see, I fell into the same TRAP, as many other Kindle publishers have. I was victim to ALL of these things mentioned above happening to me and my books. Part of the problem was me not doing as much as I could to pay attention to these factors. I got lazy at times or I was just too focused on other things.

We’re all human and this has been known to happen from time to time.

YET… the reason why I say it’s not 100% your fault is because there is NO GOOD WAY OF TRACKING THESE THINGS!

A Tracking System

You must stay on top of things to sell more Kindle books. So, you must track what’s working and what’s not.

Yet, Amazon and Kindle Direct Publishing have done a poor job of helping publishers track and monitor all of this data (reviews, ratings, BSR, etc…). And frankly, they don’t really care much at all.

Nor should you… because if every publisher was actually on top of this stuff, then it would be even MORE COMPETITIVE on Amazon.

Good News

Now… here’s the good news…

Thankfully, there is a solution if you want to sell more Kindle books. It’s called K Optimizer.

K Optimizer is a web-based software which allows Kindle publishers to effectively track, manage and optimize your work so you can sell more Kindle books all in one place! Therefore, with K Optimizer, it makes your job MUCH EASIER to stay on top of everything.

Yet, what does this all mean? It means you can CATCH and PREVENT your Kindle books from dropping in sales much faster!

K Optimizer allows you to track and monitor the # of Amazon reviews your book has, the overall review average, the keyword ranking and Amazon bestseller ranking.

It means if your book DROPS in any of these, K Optimizer can notify you of this faster than you would be able to even notice through Amazon’s maze of stats.

Sell More Kindle Books With A Powerful Software Suite

Sell More Kindle Books with K OptimizerWith this powerful software suite you can also promote your Kindle books with the clicks of a few buttons. In just a few clicks you can submit your book to over 30+ free Kindle Directories and 30+ free Press Release websites during your KDP Select Promotions and help you get more downloads, reviews and rank your book better on Amazon.

K Optimizer will even format your Kindle books and book descriptions for you. No need to learn HMTL!

So if you’re committed to keeping your Kindle books selling LONG-TERM, then you absolutely need K Optimizer.

What’s your other option? Spending hours every single day manually entering data?  Checking stats every week between browser windows for ALL of your Kindle books?  Organizing Excel spreadsheets?


Endless hours on spreadsheets? No, thank you very much!

To start using K Optimizer, go here:

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K Optimizer will save you not only your valuable time, but also MONEY— money which should be going into your pocket every month with your Kindle books.

Don’t let your hard work and hard-earned cash to create your Kindle books to get them selling go to waste. I truly hope K Optimizer helps all of its members, including me and my clients, to stay profitable for years to come.

Sell more Kindle books on Amazon using a software suite because you’ve got real power to put you on top…

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To Your Publishing Success!

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