The Power of Self-Publishing

Self-Publishing: With Power to Promote More Business!

Self-Publishing to Promote More Business“The profession of book writing makes horse racing seem like a solid, stable business.” John Steinbeck

It was true then. It’s true now. This hasn’t really changed since the Nobel Prize winning author first made the statement in Newsweek on December 24, 1962. There are over 300,000 books published in the United States every year and most writers will be lucky to sell more than 500 copies of their books, regardless of whether they’re in print via self-publishing or a traditional publishing house.

If this is the case, then why do I insist you must publish or perish? Look, there’s no better time to self-publish than right now! Seriously, even though the retail market is flooded with books.

If you’re an artist, artisan, entrepreneur, business owner, minister or have a passion for or expertise in a particular field of any kind, you need to self-publish an Instant Authority book. Write it. Get into print if you want to take your success to the next level. Why? Because self-publishing is the way to get it done. In the past, self-publishing has received an unfavorable label, yet it is undeserved. If you’re a marketer, minister or in the military, this is for you.

5 Self-Publishing Facts

1. Self-published book make up 30% of the Top 100 books on Amazon.
2. Self-publishing isn’t new. The technology has changed to make it easier than ever.
3. Many famous authors have self-published according to publishing guru, John Kremer: Benjamin Franklin, Edgar Allan Poe, Mark Twain, Zane Grey, Virginia Woolf, Leo Tolstoi, Ernest Hemmingway, Stephen King, and Ken Blanchard, just to name a few.
4. Self-published books won’t go out of print like traditionally published books.
5. You can be in print immediately versus an 18-month wait from traditional publishing.

“5 Ps of Self-Publishing”

1. Promote yourself & your unique brand through a trusted communications medium.
2. Position yourself as an expert in your field.
3. Provide your audience added value with a resource they can reference again and again.
4. Profit financially through book sales in online stores such as Amazon or Barnes & Noble.
5. Pursue new markets through a broadened reach.

Are You in Business?

Do you want to boost your authority, bolster your credibility and brand yourself as the expert in your field? You need to self-publish an Instant Authority Book.

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